As an actor, you know that your dream TV or film role won't just fall into your lap.


You know that you have an abundance of competition and probably won't be seen by Agents or Casting Directors without a showreel to set you apart. You can't create a showreel without screen work and you can't get screen work without a showreel.


You've tried student films but you either can't get the footage or it's unusable.


Act Out specialise in creating bespoke showreels for actors looking to showcase their talent to industry gatekeepers. Whether that's shot from scratch, using existing footage or a mixture of both.




We shoot with a Cinema 4K camera which results in gorgeous, high quality scenes that are encoded specifically for your Spotlight, Mandy, and personal webpages.


We keep you in the loop every step of the way, from the initial consultation through to the shooting, editing, and upload of your bespoke showreel.


Our team work together to write, direct, shoot, and edit your showreel with meticulous attention to detail.